OK, for those of us who don't know our jumps from our weaves, here's
the requirements for agility:

There are 2 classes - Standard & Jumpers With Weaves (Std. & JWW).
They both range from Novice through Excellent.
It takes 3 qualifying scores in each class to earn a title.
Once the Excellent A title is completed, the dog moves to Excellent B.
10 qualifying scores are then needed to earn a Masters title.
While in Excellent B, any points accumulated go toward the MACH requirements.  In order
to earn a MACH, it takes 750 points & 20 Double Qualifying scores.  A Double-Qualifying
score (DQ) is received by qualifying in both Std. & JWW in the same day.  A point is earned
for every second under max course time that the run is completed in.
Bee's Amusement Park