Riversides Something Special

                                   CH Marquis It's The One (b/w)
                CH Gallant Mark Lentz (r/w)
                                    CH Marquis Gallant A Cut Above (b/w)
CH The Licorice Legend ROM-HT (r/w)
                                    CH Rocsum's Risky Business (r/w)
                CH Julies Honey Bun (r/w)
                                    Mi Mitt Gallant Suzi (b/w)

                                    CH Schiely's Chocolate Pie Guy (c/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Razz Berry Pie ROM-VP-HT (tri)
                                    Tell-Tail's Hot Topic (tri)
Riverside's Special Effect (r/w)
                                    CH Rendition Triple Play (b/w)
                CH Riverside Lasting Effect (r/w)
                                    CH Riverside's Lasting Impression (r/w Sterling dau.)
Ariel was bred by my good friend,
Sue Osterland (Riverside Cockers).  She is a beautiful &
compact red & white girl, and along with her mother,
Ellie, also brought in some of the older & still proven
healthy lines.  She is the great granddaughter of the
gorgeous red & white 3-time ASC winner, Nichole,
handled by Lisa Arnett.  Ariel is the dam of my adorable
& great-moving boy, Preston.
Ariel is now enjoying a wonderful pet home.