It's the buzz...
Recently, one of my puppies that I sold to a pet home in MI, ended up at The Cocker
Spaniel Rescue of Mid Michigan.  The puppy was now 6 years old & is Razz's litter
brother!  He came with the entire package that I originally sent with him, i.e. AKC
Registration, pedigree, parents' eye & hip papers, etc.  Thankfully, I received a call
from Priscilla Capsa asking me what I wanted to do with him.  I'm so grateful that I
was called by Priscilla, since the owner did not call me first.  Here's her email:

Hi Diane

I just wanted you to know that Cade went to a very good home.  The couple live in
Flint and they came up and picked him up yesterday.  He is going to be dearly
loved.  I fell in love with him and didn't want to place him, but I couldn't help other
rescues unless I did.  You raise great Cockers, be proud.  As I told you the previous
owner said that Cade piddled everywhere and she also said that Cade did not bond
with her husband.  I found that none of this was true here at my home.  Cade and my
husband were great friends.  They played together and he did not piddle anywhere.  
I think something was going on there.  I'd be leary if they want another Cocker from
you.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy ending story for Cade...
Donations to The Cocker Spaniel
Rescue of Mid Michigan
can be made to:

Nancy Gallant
7702 Division Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014


Or contact:

Priscilla Capsa