CH Holly Rock Helmsman (red)
                 CH Holly Rock Harvester (red, top producer)
                                     CH Gardenhouse Hermia
CH Norbill's Golden Harvest II (buff)
                                     Norbill's High And Mighty (slv buff, top producer)
                 CH Norbill's Gypsy Sweetheart (slv buff)
                                     Norbill's Golden Gypsy

                                     CH Norbill's Fantabulous (buff, aka "Little Man")
                 CH Norbill's Exclusive (Golden Red)
                                     CH Norbill's Everything Nice (buff)
Norbill's Lucky Bit
                                     CH Norbill's Fantabulous (buff, aka "Little Man")
                 CH Norbill's Scrumptious (buff)
                                     Norbill's White Angel
Norbill's Cocoa Fudge

Coco was my very first Cocker Spaniel, a red male born 6/9/63.  After the loss of my
father, when I was 10 yrs old, my mom wanted to give me the gift of either an organ or
a puppy.  Seeing as how I was quickly able to learn music, by ear, from the Lawrence
Whelk TV show on my toy organ, I suppose she thought I might be a child star.
Yep, the rest is history, as they say!  Coco lived a happy 12 yrs with me & enjoyed a
little obedience, chasing squirrels, and totally trained on command to attack the big
purple stuffed dog my brothers won for me at the fair (yea, it matched my purple
bedroom).  I still have Coco's AKC registration certificate (transfers were only $1 back
then) & a receipt for payment of $50.  Bill & Norma Warner & The Norbill Kennel ("Home
Of Beautiful Buffs")  was located at 7784 Pearl Road, (Route. 2) Berea, Ohio.