CH Tell-Tail's Pick-Me-Up Bo-K, CD

                                    CH Rexpointe Flying Dutchman (b/w)
                 CH Homestead's Ragtime Cowboy (b/w)
                                     Femme Fatale's Flirtatious
CH Sharob's Gold Standard (tri)
                                     CH Laurim's Tri Performance (tri)
                 CH Sharob's Emerald Image (r/w)
                                     CH Sharob's Linde Star (b/w)

                                     CH Ral-Ter's Dreamdrifter (b/w)
                 AM/CAN CH Schiely's Tar N Feathers (b/w)
                                     Schiely's Peaches N Cream (r/w)
Regalia's Fire N' Feathers CD ROM-HT (r/w)
                                     CH Schiely's Fudge Ripple (c/w)
                 CH Schiely's Frost N Fudge (c/w)
                                     Schiely's Peaches N Cream (r/w)
My lovely Lily, born 6/20/86, was one of my house girls &
always entertaining, whether she was in the house or
conformation & obedience rings.  I still clearly remember
her carefully placing her bell ball on the bathtub edge,
strategically nosing it to make it fall in & bounce around,
then she'd hop in to retrieve it & start over.  Lily was
definately one of my favorite girls & gave me another one,
my beautiful Iris.