Charm's Boy Toy?
Came home & found him like this.
Wants to be a football player when he grows up!
Dega, keeping his owner Sandy entertained,
as usual!
Allie & Annabelle - attack puppy!
Heidi's puppy in the mirror
Dave & Cindy's cockers
getting warm & fuzzy in Alaska
Janet's Justin/Vandal puppies
How DOES she teach them to stay!
Rebel climbing his way to the top -
his sister Gipsy's already there!
Rebel/Echo son
"Tsunami" in the grass
- Passion's first show -
Someone should have told judge Michelle
her name is Passion!
- Jazz's first match -
I see a pattern here!
Cooperation in advertising!
Heidi's Geordi
checking out
his brother-to-be,