BIS/BISS CH Empire's Brooklyn Dodger (b/w)
   CH Roadshow's Thriller (b/w)
                       Roadshow's-Sirius' Starstruk (tri)
CH Ju-Mars Justa Imagine ROM-VP-HT (tri)
                       CH Nosowea's Ju-Mar's Never The Less (tri)
   CH Moody's 'N' Quasar Rock Of Ages (tri)
                       CH Moody's 'N Ju-Mar's Rockette (tri)

                       CH Gallant Mark Lentz (r/w)
   CH The Licorice Legend ROM-HT (r/w)
                       CH Julies Honey Bun (r/w)
Riversides Something Special (r/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Razz Berry Pie ROM-VP-HT (tri)
Riverside's Special Effect (r/w)
                       CH Riverside's Lasting Effect (r/w)
Typey & balanced, stunning reach & drive, drop-dead gorgeous head
with those gorgeous dark Cocker eyes & soft expression, up on leg,
wide rear, good forechest & beautiful angulation, perfect scissors bite,
nice neck & shoulders moving on to a short hard back with a natural
sloping topline & perfect tailset at any speed.
Loads of attitude, great temperament & a natural show dog!
Sounds like he has it all?  See Preston for yourself!

Now producing gorgeous up-on-leg puppies, nice fronts, toplines.
Producer of 6 champions to date with another major ptd.
Preston's first champion,
Button, finished at 8 mos. old, while his newest
grand champion son,
Max, just finished in 4 days at 7 mos. old!  See also
son & daughter,
Spark & Suede.  Produces b/w, r/w, & tri.  Wh 10/21/08.  
Eyes clear, OFA Good.  Stud fee $700.  
Preston is now entered in the ASC Permanent Health Registry.  
- Multiple sweepstakes wins
- Multiple Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show
- Multiple BOV over specials
- Finishing breeder/owner/handled at just 8 months old
with 3 back-to-back-to-back majors!!!
CH Tell-Tail's Press Play

January 2010 ASC Flushing Spaniel Show
Watch Preston's video