CH Tell-Tail's Tri-ful Sweet

Tiffany, born 1/8/73, was one of my first two home-bred
champions, handled exclusively & finished in only 6
shows, by Mike Kinchsular.  This picture was taken with
her finishing in 1974.  Ah, the 70's!
                                     CH Camby's Contribution (r/w)
                 CH Laurim's Command Performance (r/w)
                                     CH Fi-Fo's Lovely Laurim (b/w)
CH Fi-Fo's Folklore (b/w)
                                     CH Baliwick Baghdad (r/w)
                 CH Fi-Fo's Fiesta (tri)
                                     CH Fi-Fo's Madame Spook (b/w)

                                     CH Sonata's Snowman (r/w)
                 CH Regalia's Snowdrifter (b/w)
                                     Penthouse Prime Time (b/w)
Penthouse Playmate (tri)
                                     CH Penthouse Premonition (tri)
                 Co-Sett Kewpie Doll (r/w)
                                     Co-Setts Cinderella
Sisters Summer (Twirl) & Tiffany