CH Tell-Tail's Chasin' Sanborn ROM

Chase is a 4th generation champion chocolate & white Cocker Spaniel whelped 7/29/89.  
Finishing with 4 majors and 1st dog pulled & making the final cut at ASC Best of Variety in
1991, breeder/owner/handled.  A breakthrough in chocolate partis.  His foremost claim to
fame is his proper/effortless movement combined with his beautiful type, headpiece,
flawless attitude, and a well-loved dog by all.  Chase has made his mark as a top producer
and is hailed as an important contribution to the breed.   Chase has been listed in the Top
15 Particolor Sires 2002 Update, indicating that he is the producer of 17 champion
offspring - only 2 shy of making the Top 20 Living Sires in Breed History list!  Chase has
produced himself well in his Sweeps, Specialty & Group winning offspring in all 3 varieties;
the sire of champions around the globe.
                                      CH Lurola's Last Issue (b/t)
                 CH Lurola's Edward P (blk)
                                     Piner's The Brat (blk)
CH Lurola's Clifton (b/t)
                                     CH Homestead's Shiloh Of J-Don (tri)
                 CH Lurola's Carol B (tri)
                                     Triannon Nichole (b/w)

                                     CH Rexpointe Chocolat Dutchman (c/w)
                 CH Sandor's Dutch Chocolate, UDTX (c/w)
                                     CH Sandor's Touch Of Amber CDX,TD (r/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Fudge Feathers (c/w)
                                     AM/CAN CH Schiely's Tar N Feathers (b/w)
Regalia's Fire N' Feathers CD ROM-HT (r/w)
                                     CH Schiely's Frost N Fudge (c/w)
Chase has been recognized by the American Spaniel Club as a Register of Merit
(producing 10 champions or more)