Ellie's puppies prefer to play with labels & tags
over the actual stuffed animal toys.  This little
girl found a way to eliminate her competition!
Enjoying some fun-in-the-sun are Jim &
Marlene's sunbathing beauties, Abbey & Lola.
Shelly's Ellie prefers to do her hunting indoors.  
She gets her goose every time.
Sally & Dale's new tri boy, Jasper,  making
himself comfy  in Florida!
Shocking how Marie found Georgie &
Gracie on  New Year's Eve.  Pitiful!  This
is exactly why Cockers get a bad
Can't take them anywhere!  Possibly with
a planned intervention, they'll consider
Jessica's making bathtime a bit more enjoyable for
kids Aubrianna & Ayden, with new puppy Tessa
joining the family!  Good puppy socialization skills at
work too!
Russ' Madison looking forward to
meeting new little brother.