Tell-Tail's Bacardi Razz

                                 CH Schiely's Sharp Shooter (b/w Les Brown son)
            CH Schiely's Chocolate Pie Guy (c/w)
                                CH Schiely's Heavenly Hash (c/w
Chase dau.)
CH Tell-Tail's Razz Berry Pie ROM-VP-HT (tri)
                                CH Tell-Tail's Sterling Image ROM (tri)
            Tell-Tail's Hot Topic (tri)
                                Riverside-Comer's Wild Thing (b/t)

                                BIS CH SuRic's Devil In Disguise (b/w)
BISS CH Tell-Tail's Smudge Proof, CD CGC (b/w)
                                CH Tell-Tail's Diamond Bo-K LOM (b/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Shatter Proof (b/w)
                                Pearson's Sir Lancelot (b/w)
            Ju-Mars Wild Thing (b/w)
                                Ju-Mar's Lady Guenevere (r/w)
Tequila is a very special girl.  She's up on front leg, gorgeous
head, scissors bite, long neck, hard back, perfect topline & tailset,
loads of forechest, correct front & wide rear.  Both parents are
now permanently registered in the ASC Health Registry.  Same
pedigree as GCH Tell-Tail's Proof Positive (Vince).
Born 11/15/07.  Eyes clear 3/15/14.
Tequila has now found her forever home with Kathy & Sasha!